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The Beauties of Hardware Failure

I'm writing this a mere 20 minutes after the event occurred, because the importance of what i'm about to say is upmost in any creative's life. 


I booted up my laptop and plugged in my hard drive today like any other day, to see if I had the footage and photos on my SD card on my hard drive. My hard drive proceeded to stop working at this moment so I took it upon myself to fix the issue, a simple case of the write arm being stuck across the disk drive. After fixing the problem I plugged the hard drive back into my laptop, after it crashing my Finder a few times i restarted my laptop and re opened my hard drive folder, to find all of my photos and video gone. After several minutes of panicking and a few tears, I am here, writing this blog post about how much of a fucking moron I am. I guess you never really think about shit like this happening to you until it actually does, and for the longest time i've had a second hard drive in my bag that I kept meaning to backup my main drive to, but never got around to it.


Really the point of this post is to let you all know that, 

1. I am in fact a gigantic knob head. 

2. Back your shit up 4 times.

3. Don't be like me.


I can only hope that the £300 it's going to take for a recovery effort actually gets all of my data back, because if it doesn't then that means my life is going to get severely worse before it gets better...


I guess if I don't post anything else on this website you'll know that the recovery effort was a failure and I have jumped off of my balcony head first. But until that faithful day, I have 2 photoshoots this weekend to keep me occupied, so silver linings I guess. 

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