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About me...

So if you haven't already guessed, my name is Tom Williams and i'm a photographer. I'm in my twenties and have always been the kind of person to do whatever I wanted to, people have told me all my life that the things that I want to do aren't sustainable or practical, and that I should go get a real job and just do the things I want to do as a hobby. Now they're probably right, I could just do this as a hobby and go to work 5 days a week and sit behind a desk making some pretty decent money, but hating every second of my life and living for the weekend, but that doesn't sound very practical or sustainable either, sounds to me like a path to alcoholism...

Anyway, I really like taking photos. People ask me why, and I always want to say something along the lines of, "it's a snapshot of one specific moment in time that no one else can ever get back, and I just like having that control over time..." or some bollocks along those lines, but realistically this is just my way of being creative. I've been a creative since the day I was born, and this is my creative therapy, along side music, which I guess is why a lot of my photography is heavily centred around music. That being said I don't like to pigeon hole myself and my work, I love architecture, street/urban, headshots/portraits, and loads of other kinds of photography. I try my hand at a bit of everything because why shouldn't I? I love what I do, so why not expand what I love into as many avenues as possible right? If I don't know how to do it then i'll learn how to, because I want to. I take every opportunity to grow I possibly can, and my unrelenting need to do a job that I love makes that a lot easier. 

I moved to Liverpool fully in January of 2018 with literally no money and a pub job that pays the rent, I live hand to mouth to make this dream work, I am constantly working to try and make a living out of this, and as hard as it is at the moment sometimes having to have sleep for dinner, I know it's all going to be worth it in the end. Hopefully this about me page gives you an idea as to the kind of person that I am, and if you want to work with me you can contact me however you like. Instagram is always a good way of catching me, and the self explanatory 'contact page' also does the trick.


Photo by James Rookyard PHD in iPhoneography